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    Kusunokidai Assembly Hall 楠台自治会館


    This building is located in a recently gentrified residential area on a hill to the south of Osaka.
    The original assembly hall was built 40 years ago on the outskirts of this residential area, and so the city decided to rebuild it in the center, where there is a school, park and small retail outlets. A symbolic building was requested.
    In this old new-residential area, Western and Japanese styles in old and new sit next to each other, the residents are older, and the various kinds of buildings form a chaotic town scape.
    I designed a place for everyone to gather, something endearing for everyone and a symbol for everyone.
    I used Japanese simplicity, the environment and nature as factors and worked to create a simple, quiet and balanced form in timber.
    Since this area is located close to the forest, I decided to use local timbers for the structure and interior, and as this is an assembly hall I used durable materials for the exterior and roof.
    The roof structure is exposed with angled beams to create a dynamic and open space.

    To give the 1500mm eaves a sense of lightness, the edges including fascia boards and the gable boards are tapered.
    On the south facade, there is an eave as environmentally required but the wall is angled along the length of the eave on the north facade to feel more spacious than the actual floor area.

    Comfort and durability are gained by building a ventilation layer into the exterior wall and the roof of this building.

    I hope this timber building can provide a sense of warmth and calmness and melt into the community long into the future.


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