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    Kanzashi/かんざし Japanese spit-roasting restaurant -louver of bamboo & acrylic-

    都会の喧噪から離れて静かにゆっくりと。そして、非日常と日常の狭間でデジャブ(既視感)”Déjà vu”『実際は一度も体験したことがないのに、すでにどこかで体験したことのように感じること』を感じる空間になったのか?

    This den-like space under an old building is situated in the center of a large city, in Namba, Osaka, and it is just like a hideaway.
    Away from the noise in the city, you can spend time peacefully and slowly. How did this space become a place where people can experience ‘Déjà vu’ in between an unusual and a usual space?
    The louver screen made by smoked bamboo and luminous pure acrylic rods generates ‘Japanese Space’.
    The repetition and combination of this screen envelops the approach, the entrance and the entire interior. The mirror makes the space feel expansive and allows people to view the same view.
    The screens of thin slivers of smoked bamboo and luminous bamboo (acrylic rod) float and allow this small space a richness and three dimensional qualities.
    Eating with a flourish and enjoying fine food in a rich and beautiful space, I hope people will enjoy this experience.


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